Blackened Catfish

This is a great, quick way to make  just about any kind of boneless fish.. Salmon, bass or halibut is great! I’ve been catching  some Catfish at a local lake so this is my go-to recipe. I use Savory Spice Cajon Blackened Seasoning cause it has no sugars. A lot of blackened seasonings add sugar …

Sous Vide Fish

I love cooking fish in a Sous Vide. Comes out juicy every time.. The Olive-A-Sudden Lime Infused Oil and Savory spice Baja Fish Taco Seasoning gives it great flavor! You can also pan fry.. Instructions also here.

Honey Ginger Shrimp

This is a tasty Oriental flavor!  You can make then with hot shrimp by themselves our with some stir-fry veggies.  Or serve with cold shrimp as an appetizer One of my favorite recipes with the Olive-A-Sudden Honey Ginger Balsamic and Sesame oil