Hello, my name is Jeff and this is my story. Growing up, my life always revolved around food. Ever since I can remember, all the family gatherings were always at restaurants or big shindigs with lots of unhealthy foods. Heck, we would drive 2 hours away just for a burger! Even as a kid, I was heavy; cursed with those damn “husky” jeans. I would finish a meal and right away be planning the next one. So, as an adult, nothing really changed.

Being self-employed, running my business, I was on the road all the time; so fast food and quick crap, pizza or pasta became my staple. I ate a lot of processed, high fat, high carb foods and drank lots of soda. I always have enjoyed cooking; but it was usually unhealthy meals. As I approached 50, I could feel my life, specifically my health, becoming out of control. I was 290 pounds pre-diabetic with high blood pressure; my hormones were out of whack, and I suffered from fatty liver disease. My doctor advised me to get the lap-band surgery to save my life.

Every day it was just harder to get out of bed. I suffered from insomnia; up 3 to 4 times every night before my morning alarm. I was running on 3-4 hours of sleep, if I was lucky. My overall lack of health also made me very forgetful and I continually repeated myself. My son would tell me, “you said that 5 times already”. I knew I had to make a change, yet I didn’t know how or even where to begin.

Fortunately, for me, I heard about a seminar on “Inflammation and Gut Health” and decided to go. That is when I discovered ‘Thrive Functional Wellness Center“. That night I joined their program. IT CHANGED MY LIFE!!! With this program, I not only learned how to eat healthier , but also how to live a healthier lifestyle and listen to my body. I learned about what foods I was allergic to and what foods make me sick.

Five months later, I was off all my meds and all my numbers were great! It has now been a year, and I’ve lost a total of 105 pounds! Throughout my journey of wellness, I have met lots of people, trying to do the same, yet many struggle with being bored with food or lack of variety. That is what inspired me to create this website. I am constantly on the go! Work life and home life keep me busy. To stay focused on my goals, I realized it’s important to be prepared when it comes to eating right! Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring and can taste amazing.

These are all recipes, that with a little prep work, can be made in a pinch! Personally, I love marinades because you can prepare ahead of time and just cook when you need to.

The word “BUSY” can easily take you off course. Too “busy” to cook , too “busy” to exercise.. and so on… Don’t let “BUSY” run your life!!!